What Determines the Kind of Jewelry You Buy and Wear?

In the world of personal decoration, jewelry is the oldest form of decoration used and, it isn’t going anywhere, at least not in an age where appearances matter, and looking good boosts your confidence and self-esteem. But, there is a catch, you cannot pick jewelry blindly, in the same way, you cannot take your phone to any Burlington cell phone repair. Some of the crucial considerations that determine the kind of jewelry you buy or wear include:

Jewelry You Buy and Wear

Personal Style

What is your overall style? Does that jewelry represent any element of your style? In other cases, your lifestyle will affect the kind of jewelry you wear or not, considering your style and the lifestyle you lead is crucial ensuring that you wear jewelry that matches your style. Note that your style also determines the kind of jewelry you get as gifts.

Before buying jewelry, think of your style, are you sentimental, elegant, preppy, or would you like to make a statement?


Jewelry is available at different prices which vary widely and what you buy depends on your budget. Fortunately, stores sell jewelry at different price ranges.

However, if you are into elegance and class, you will have to cough up more money. In most cases, you will have to save for a piece of jewelry. It is important to note that you quality also changes with the price with most of the most expensive jewelry being of the highest quality.

If you like accessorizing and you need different kinds of jewelry, but on a tight budget, you have to consider getting high street jewelry as they are generally affordable.


Comfort triumphs everything in fashion. Since you wouldn’t want to walk around with heavy jewelry all through the day or the ones that pierce through the skin, you should always invest in your comfort. Spending a little more on comfortable pieces is preferable to having a full jewelry box with uncomfortable pieces.

On the same note, you should buy jewelry just because they are fashionable – chokers and collars don’t work for everyone. If you have to keep up with what’s trendy, you should consider checking out the details of the jewelry piece and also take into account the thoughts of other wearers.

Necklace styles

Necklaces are the most common forms of jewelry but, they don’t always work for everyone. The necklace styles on the market vary depending on their lengths which range from 14 to 42 inches. Depending on the length, you can have a collar, choker, princess, matinee, opera, and rope which is the longest.

Besides the style of the necklace, you also need to consider the neckline styles. Here are V-necks, turtlenecks, boat necks, scoop necks, sweetheart necks and crew necks. The kinds of jewelry worn with these necklines vary.


There are different types of jewelry because you are to wear them in different places. Wedding jewelry is certainly different from official wear.  When buying jewelry, keep in mind the occasion you are buying it for.

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