The Ultimate Deadpool Figure Toy Review

I am sure we all have our Marvel favorite somewhere if it is not Iron Man then it should be Deadpool!

Well, if there is a cool thing about deadpool aside from its awesome superhero instincts, wit and skills is his red and black design superhero outfit. Of course, Deadpool is Deadpool and no one can ever replace him as the newest superhero in town, yet.

Obviously, today is not for Deadpool but for Deadpool’s toy collectors. Today’s blog post will be toy review on the latest Deadpool figure you can find in any Marvel store in the world. Or better yet, on the famous and newest Marvel store online.

Ultimate Deadpool Figure Toy Review

Deadpool Toy Review

Basically,  Deadpool figure is best fun toys because you get to use them to watch the work of the most incredible movie studio on Earth— that is the studio of your imagination. There is definitely a range of Deadpool toys to suit your Deadpool needs. From the classic posable action figures to your super crisp details almost real Deadpool collectible.

For today’s first feature is the Marvel legend series 6-inch Deadpool. Let’s check this out!

1 6-inch Deadpool

Now only true 90s kid will ever remember when Deadpool look like this one, 6-inch Deadpool on a comic version. This is definitely far different from the modern Deadpool in the movies today. This one has really obvious and detailed muscle cuts and armors with a cross body armor belt. And another thing no more popped-collar.

2 Deadpool diecast Taco truck

Who else would forget this iconic taco truck? Well, no one! This diecast truck probably could do some serious damage to your other  Deadpool figure probably because if you pick it up and chuck it at them.  Well, don’t bother trying that out, you will only have this precious toy car get ruined. Let alone have it sitting on the far edge corner of your collectibles.

3 Marvel Legends 12-inch Deadpool

Well, this is definitely the coolest  Deadpool figure ever created. Imagine a Katana and a burrito? What a concept! This design figure should really be one of the books! This is perhaps the naughty, real life still, Deadpool figure I have ever bump into. Real life? How? Oh well, this is the only Deadpool who brings a burrito in an action with him— sounds really legit for me. Sounds really Deadpool.

4 Diamond Select Deadpool Toy

Well, I think you can really write a metaphor for this action figure. Basically, out of all Deadpool figure, this is the only one who comes with a wall. The idea is, you drag every one of your descriptions so you can just reference Deadpool breaking the walls in comics. Well, sounds still surreal for me. 

5 NECA Marvel Classic Deadpool

What  Deadpool figure can go anywhere else cooler than this? Well, this one here is the real iconic and classic and modernized Deadpool. Plus one more thing that I like about this is that it has a lot of accessories with it. It has such dry paint too in very real like Deadpool colors.

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