Look Thinner with These Fashion Tips

Selecting an appropriate dress becomes a daunting task for fat women. No one would like to show off their flabby muscle areas to the world. Following correct fashion tips will be the ideal way to make you look better and thinner. Also selecting the correct dress according to your body type is another fact which helps look thinner in each dress you wear. If you are a fat woman, then these ideas will be useful to cover up your fat areas and look slimmer.

Wear tight inner garments Many women wear inner garments that let their bust area fall too low. It makes them look older and flabby. Instead wearing lose inner garments, try wearing tight and comfortable inner garments. Color management Wear dark and bright colors to cover your plump areas. This doesn’t highlight the fat areas in your body. Black and brown are the most suitable colors which suit fat women. Always wear slim fit tops, as baggy tops could add extra pounds and make you look more than the normal weight.

Look Thinner

Don’t wear tight clothes Another common mistake is wearing too tight clothes, which will make you look fat and highlight your curvy areas. It doesn’t mean wearing plus size clothes. Try slim fit or medium size clothes. Wear jeans Pairing skinny jeans with high heels could make your hips look slimmer. Avoid wearing trousers with cargo pockets, extra zippers and elastic waistbands. Dressing boot-cut pants is another way of slimming up your hip area. Wear accessories Wearing accessories is an alternative which helps to hide your figure problems. These accessories distract others attention away from your body figure and plump muscles.

Necklines Select tops with boat necklines and ¾ sleeves. It gives a slimming look to your upper body. Also vertical and asymmetrical stripes tops will give a slimming effect to your upper body. Hairstyle Most of the fat woman has a rounded face shape. Wearing high hairstyles will give an oval shape to your face and reduces your heavy look. Wear a high ponytail with a fringe on your forehead. Also try loose curl and wavy hairstyles to make your face look slim.

Avoid short dresses Stay away from short dresses as it will emphasize your fat look. Instead you can wear dresses which are below your knee level and above the ankle level. Wear heels Always wear a pair of shoes with high heels and not with flat heels. High heels will add some height and reduces your stout look. Try these fashion tips to have a slim look in every dress you wear.

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