Is Cosmetic Jeweler Right for You?

For those that can’t afford that 24-carot piece, cosmetic jeweler can be an interesting alternative. Also known as fake jeweler (although you’ll never hear a high street expert define it as this), it can be described as something that looks pretty much the same as any other standard piece but arrives with obvious drawbacks.

With jewelers becoming more creative in their methods, it would be fair to say that cosmetic pieces are becoming more ‘realistic’ and are giving some real items a serious run for their money. Furthermore, with retailers eager to push fair trade products, this is another way in which the cosmetic piece of jeweler is becoming more prominent on our streets. However, they certainly aren’t for everyone, as we’ll analyses through the course of this article…What is cosmetic jewellery? First and foremost, it’s worth identifying exactly what this type of jeweler is. In simple terms, the pieces are made from cheaper metals which are easier to source – or even just materials that are made to resemble lifelike stones. Suffice to say, designers are able to manipulate their designs to mimic real, expensive pieces – and this is where the attraction occurs.

Cosmetic Jeweler

What are the benefits? The main advantage can be summed up perfectly in that last sentence. The beauty of cosmetic jeweler is that it is cheap to source and easy to design – meaning that buyers can purchase something that resembles an item that looks like it costs thousands of pounds, when really it costs an absolute fraction of that.

Furthermore, many people are enticed to the jeweler because it is more appropriate to certain functions. A lot of items made from real stones tend to be quite conservative, yet the nature of fake jeweler means that designers can be more creative and this favors informal occasions. And the drawbacks? While we did say that some people might prefer the appearance of this items for certain occasions, in a lot of instances it is clear to see that they are a cheap version of an original and it can make the overall look ‘tacky’. Of course, some cosmetic jeweler is better than others and will appear more genuine – but it goes without saying that this comes at a cost.

Some people also happen to be allergic to some of the metals that are used to create this jeweler. Many of them will contain traces of nickel and while this is perfectly fine in a lot of instances, some individuals will experience an allergic reaction which will prompt a rash on the skin. There is also the issue of deterioration and while the beauty of natural stones means that they will last for years, this is seldom the case with cosmetic jeweler.

 It will tend to discolor over time, with an overexposure to air and water being one of the biggest reasons for this. Of course, if you just plan to wear the pieces sparingly, this won’t be too much of an issue and it will take a considerable amount of time before it starts to fade. Instead, this drawback is more associated to those women who want to wear their jeweler all day, every day – and this is something that cosmetic pieces simply aren’t designed for.

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