Interesting Facts About Oscar 2018

On Sunday evening ABC will air the 90th annual Academy Award, with the host of the talk show and comedian Jimmy Kimmel. But the ceremony is not about which star is winning or which movie has been nominated, there is a lot more to it.  Here we are some of the important and fun facts about the Oscar which will help you impress your friends with the little knowledge of the biggest night in Hollywood.

How Was Award Named Oscars?

In an interview with the popular American movie producer Robert Simonds in deadline, the producer, even though an underdog at the game, seemed extremely ambitious of his upcoming projects that could easily hint of his approaches for an Academy award. Such is the lure of Oscars. Now what led to calling of this award, ‘Oscars,’ is an entirely different story. Multiple theories revolve around this question, but over the years one in particular has seemed to settle in more than the others. The uncle of the executive director Margaret Herrick, is at the very centre of this theory. After the award was debuted in 1929, Herrick said that the statue of the golden male standing on the black base is her uncle.

Price Of The Look On The Red Carpet On The Show?

It has not been any secret that the stars who attend the Oscars are well groomed in very costly suits and gowns.  But very little people know that the total look can cost up to 10 million dollars which is a data given from the Wallet Hub. The average that is collected from the ensemble is pretty less. The price hovers around 1.5 million dollars. It is also a fact that the price for the first time nominees is even lower.  I guess for the new players,  the accessories and gowns don’t seem to cost much.  Well, that certainly saves a lot of money.

How Much Does This Show Cost? 

One Of The most important questions that surround the mind of the fans is that what actually is the budget of the show. Well, the answer to that is always released with a financial report that shows the total cost of the ceremony.  Over the last few years, the cost of the ceremony has been around 40-45 million dollars.  Where do you think that money goes?  Well, the financial report suggests that few of the activities such as luncheon for the nominees, the after party and other related activities cost half of the money,  the other half.

The Diversity Of The Nominees Is Increasing Every Year.

Hollywood and its Academy Awards have always held a bad track record when it comes to finding diversity in case of gender or race. So you can say that it is an exception that Greta Greece and Jordan Peele received nominations based on their white tone. The interesting fact is that this is the second time in the Academy Award history where a black male or female is nominated after the year 2010.

Diversity In The Voters

In order to avoid the Oscars o White campaign which had made a great headline in 2016, the former president of the academy Cherry Isaacs wanted changes in the voting roster in order to keep pace with more inclusive environment of the industry. The change notably had many famous names like Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson and many more.  Around 30 percent voters are colored people and 39 percent are women.

So,  these are the interesting facts of Oscar 2018. Let us know which fact you liked the most.  

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