How to Style Your Hair for a Festival

Wild, wet, windy and muddy – all of the characteristics of the typical festival. Unfortunately, they also correlate with a girl’s worst nightmare for hair fashion and if they happen to come across just one of these issues, the chances of them leaving the house for the next few hours are severely reduced. When one is stuck at a festival, there really is little that can be done and by the time day three arrives, your hair will have slowly transformed into the dreaded “matte-look”.

While every single girl at the festival will have the same problems, it’s always handy to have a few plans in place to try and disguise the lack of hair hygiene. Therefore, here are some styles which won’t help preserve your hair for days, but will help you feel a little better about yourself as you enter the final days of the festival.

Style Your Hair for a Festival

Pretty Plaits If you’ve performed any sort of research about your potential hair style already, you will have probably come across the plaiting suggestion. It’s by far and away the most obvious way to preserve your hair and while it will deteriorate as the festival progresses, it will stay in acceptable condition. Furthermore, unlike some styles, it takes just minutes to master and if you can add nice accessories such as flower decorations, you will detract even more attention away from the hair itself. Some girls will also combine other styles with plaiting, with curling commonly performed in tangent. If you are going to add this style as well, consider using Bayless hair curling tongs to maximize the effect.

Rippling Waves Another style that can disguise the obvious are simple waves. By simply acquiring a waving iron, you can pull off this look with ease. One of the main problems with this style is that it will deteriorate as the festival progresses, but by arming yourself with a decent can of dry shampoo you should be able to make it look respectable for the duration. At this point it should be stated that if you can think of any other hair treatment products that will be easy to take to the festival, go ahead and bring them along. While all three of these styles will make a difference to your hair, nothing beats minor treatments and by taking a look through the hair care products from Paul’s you will most likely find some suitable items.

Bob and Band This is a style that is only suitable for those that have a natural bob, but even so it can transform their bad festival hair days into respectable ones at the very least. Furthermore, it is especially easy to pull off and after styling your hair exactly as you would for a typical day, grab a headband and wrap it around. It goes without saying that the bigger and more adventurous your headband the better, as your main aim is to detract as much attention as possible from the state of your hair. Additionally, if you can get hold of dry shampoo even better – it’s a necessity for every style.

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