How to Style a Designer Baby

It is every mother’s dream to dress their baby in the trendiest gear around and bring their little one even more attention from friends, family and the local neighborhood. While the emergence of budget stores has made such stylish clothes slightly more accessible to the average parent, there’s no question that most are drooling over the designer items that are usually only available in high street boutiques and department stores. Unfortunately, such designer items come at a price and prevent mothers from realizing their dream of making their son or daughter the most stylish in the neighborhood.

For those that are not aware of how much designer baby clothing costs, this paragraph could make for very disturbing reading indeed. The average pair of Diesel shoes cost a staggering £40, while if you set your sights a little higher and opt for a Dolce & Gahanna item you could be paying anything from £150 for a dress, to almost £200 for a coat. Unsurprisingly, such prices are completely out of the range of most parents and with furniture, feeding equipment and more all being necessary to buy for a new-born; the amount of spare cash usually dwindles anyway.

Style a Designer Baby

Fortunately, there is a creative solution and it can actually be possible to dress your baby in designer clothes without going bankrupt. This method revolves around online marketplaces, more specifically eBay, where hundreds of thousands of designer baby clothes are available every day. Some are new, but the majority are used and this is generally where the bargains start to take place.

Of course, while there are plenty of eBay addicts out there, there are also people who won’t be keen to use the site for their baby because the items will not be shipped from a credible manufacturer. Few arguments are likely to convince such individuals that an online marketplace can be a sensible option, although it can certainly prompt huge savings when it comes to baby clothes. For example, while we were talking about £40 Diesel shoes earlier in this piece, there was a recent example of a pair of Diesel shoes receiving just one bid and subsequently being sold for their starting price of 99p, plus postage and packaging.

 There are hordes of other examples of baby products just receiving the one bid and going for their low starting price and funnily enough, sellers generally realize this and will overcharge for delivery. Nevertheless, even if they do slap a £4 delivery charge on for a tiny item, a total price of £4.99 certainly isn’t excessive for a pair of shoes that would almost cost ten times as much if bought on the high street.

Unfortunately, there is a drawback with such an approach. Most of you will have realized that the above example was associated with a used item. If we were talking about clothes for grown men and women, most people would be rightly suspicious on anything used due to basic hygiene reasons. However, first and foremost babies don’t perspire, and secondly they will usually grow out of clothing in a matter of months. Therefore, most items will have been worn for a few months, before being sold on for a fraction of the initial price.

If you scour hard enough you will also find some examples of new items being sold ‘on the cheap’. Furthermore, if you are looking for that designer garment that is brand new, an item from a premium manufacturer such as Saffron and Lewis could be worthwhile. However, the main aim of this contribution is to highlight the possibilities that can be found with used clothing and while you may once have thought that it was impossible to dress your little one in the latest designer outfits, if you can at least get over the minor drawbacks with online marketplaces you might be able to pull it off at a fraction of the standard prices.

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