How to Predict the Next Big Fashion Trend

The speed in which the fashion industry changes at is frightening to say the least and while you may find yourself netting the latest Gucci outfit one day, you could find yourself living in yesterday’s trend the next. Unfortunately, as long as the world spins around, it’s never going to change and designers will constantly profit from the trend changes that funnily enough, the industry sets itself.

Therefore, it can be a good idea to at least possess some knowledge on the direction in which the fashion market is going to head next. If ‘keeping with the trend’ is your thing, there is little point in purchasing a garment only for it to pass its sell-by-date in the not too distant future. By having at least some understanding of the market, you may be able to save yourself money and stay stylish at the same time.

Next Big Fashion Trend

Of course, it’s not a straightforward process and unless you have several key contacts in the industry, there is no guarantee that the following tips will help you stay on trend…Look at the right time First thing’s first, you must know when to look before anything. Unsurprisingly, you’re unlikely to find out next year’s spring trend if you start looking mid-way through the spring period this year. Instead, start looking in winter – you’re likely to get at least a decent indication of what is going to be expected.

Magazines Your first port of call should unquestionably be magazines. Unsurprisingly, the journalists of publications such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Glamour have impeccable contacts within the fashion industry and if they don’t know have an idea of the next trend, nobody does.

Take a trip to the mall If magazines aren’t your thing, a trip to the mall could be in order. Have a stroll down into the boutique area of the facility where you’re likely to see all of the trends that are set to be unleashed. Of course, picking your moment is pivotal and if you don’t time your trip right, you could find yourself buying an outfit that is within days of going out of fashion. Therefore, make sure you visit just before the start of a season. For example, if you’re looking for the spring trend, plan a trip around the start of March where boutiques will be preparing their window collections.

Alternatively, if online shopping is your thing, there’s nothing wrong with checking out the websites of some of these boutiques. Generally, window displays are updated first, but sites such as provide regular updates to their website and this can also assist you in identifying the next trend.

Get networking When we say get networking, we really mean get socially tuned. Start to follow your favorite designers or boutiques on Twitter and Facebook as they will most definitely be publishing information about their next collection as soon as they can. They look to get information to their customers as soon as possible although if you are following this route, try to choose the major designers. They have a tendency to set the trend in the industry and the smaller ones will often follow suit.

Watch the economy This last tip might raise a few eyebrows, but the truth is that the economy can play a massive part in the next trend. In some cases, this is quite reasonable and one example is with fashionable handbags, with designers attempting to release bags that women can use both in the workplace and in a social capacity when the economy is poor. Other traits are less obvious and for some reason, the trends will tilt towards short length skirts in a positive economy whereas they tend to become longer in the opposite situation.

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