How to Choose Emerald Engagement Rings

Weddings mark the celebration of love, the union of two bodies and their beautiful amalgamation into one soul. Of course, weddings are truly special. Your wedding day is always going to be one of your most precious memories. To embark this new journey, to celebrate this joy of togetherness and to make it all the more special, there are engagement rings.

A perfect way to display your bond with one another, an engagement ring makes this union extraordinary. An engagement ring displays eternal love and therefore, the ring chosen for this special purpose must be selected carefully. While there’s always the usual heart shaped rings or the regular stone cuts, round or oval shaped, the one that is often most preferred is the striking Emerald Stone engagement ring. Gorgeous and stunning, the emerald gemstone is a stone with extraordinary features and unique characteristics. You can find emerald rings in every cut, shape, and design that you can think of.

Emerald Engagement Rings

So when it comes to engagement rings, what other that the choicest, regal emerald gemstone. Because engagement rings are special, and so is the emerald. For ages, this exotic gem has been the preferred choice of royals. It’s beautiful green color symbolizes harmony, peace and is even believed to strike that much needed balance in one’s love life.

While all this is true, it also can’t be denied that choosing an emerald engagement ring can be a tedious task, an effort in itself. This can turn particularly stressful if you possess no knowledge about emeralds at all. So, read on to find out how you can choose the perfect emerald engagement ring -To start with, know that there’s a difference between emerald engagement rings and emerald cut engagement rings. An emerald engagement ring is one where the emerald stone is used as the center stone. While on the other hand, an emerald cut engagement ring is a diamond ring, except that the diamond is cut in a square shape i.e. the popular cut/shape of an emerald.

Next, remember the ‘Four Cs’ – cut, clarity, color and carat. Emerald, is a grass green type of the Beryl family and is found in different shades of green. The color and transparency of the panna stone differs based on the locale of its mine. Emeralds are cut in a variety of different shapes, from ‘Emerald cut’, the regular rectangular step cut to rounds, ovals, squares and cabochons. The last one is usually the most flawed.

Clarity and color together dominate the price of the emerald. Now, an emerald that has high clarity and is of higher carats may be cheaper than a smaller emerald with richer color. While the stone should be a rich green, they must also be transparent. This feature highlights the quality and purity of the Emerald. When selecting the color, remember that most emeralds have a primary hue of green but a secondary shade of either yellow or blue.

In order to buy that perfect engagement ring for your wedding day, it always helps to know a little about the gem you wish to buy. To make your selection process even more fool proof, you can choose to buy your emerald ring online from as it offers a collection of jewels and gemstones like no other. The premium online store makes shopping for jewels online easier. The website also ensures that no middlemen are involved in the selling process thus letting customers get merchandise at attractive prices.

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