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Adding hair accessories to your hairstyle can really pull your entire look together. Accessorizing your hair has become more popular in the last few years as women have become more creative with styling their hair. There’s definitely no shortage of hair accessories on the market so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that matches your hair perfectly. These are some of the trendiest hair accessories right now: HeadbandsIn the past, headbands were worn on top of the head to keep hair back out of the eyes.

Now, celebs are wearing headbands across their foreheads for a laid-back vibe. This accessory looks especially great in longer hair and can be worn in wavy or straight styles. Make sure you use a bit of pomade up top before putting on the headband to prevent it from causing your hair to ride up.

Bobby Pins Bobby pins aren’t meant to be hidden in an up-do anymore. They are being used to decorate hair as they come in a variety of sizes and colors. You can crisscross them or stack them to keep sections of hair pulled back in a super stylish way. Bobby pins can be worn in hair of any length. Use bright glittery bobby pins to add some glamour to an outfit that is more plain.

Seasons Hair Accessories

Headpieces Egyptian-inspired headpieces are super chic and they are a great way to add a sophisticated twist on casual attire. I’ve seen this accessory paired with both tousled and a sleek hairstyle and it looks great on either. Headpieces work well in medium to longer hairstyles. Pick a headpiece that adds contrast to your hair so that it really stands out.

Head Wraps Head wraps are now available in all kinds of prints and styles so they can be paired with practically any outfit. Floral print wraps are perfect for a more feminine look while studded wraps give off an edgier vibe. The best thing about this accessory is that you can use it to hide a not so great hair day and still look incredibly put together. This is an awesome choice for girls with super short to long hair.

Bows Bows are no longer just for little girls. Celebs everywhere are going crazy for this hair bow accessory trend. These are an excellent choice for adding a feminine touch to a more alternative look. Many of my clients with tattoos, piercings, and bold hair hues love sporting these girly accessories. Bows that are attached to clips or bobby pins are the easiest to work with and they can be worn in any hair length.

When picking out a hair accessory make sure that it is comfortable especially if you will be wearing it all day. Hair accessories are great for keeping hair out of the way and showing off your hairstyle. Use them to add a bit of flair and contrast to your outfit and choose something that really makes your personality shine through.

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