Fashion Tips for Shorter Men

Women are not the only ones facing fashion challenges based on their body types. When it comes to the male half of the species, the ones on the shorter end of the height spectrum often find it difficult to put together a wardrobe that flatters their smaller frame.  To boot, poor fashion choices only exacerbate the physical attributes which make us feel self-conscious. When we look good we feel good, so developing some fashion know-how can go a long way in enhancing self-esteem. If you are a shorter male and want to put together a look that will extend your silhouette, here are some tips to help you do just that.

Color Considerations Shorter men will do well with a wardrobe full of black, white, navy and muted darker colors such as oxblood, charcoal, brown and olive. Shades such as these have a lengthening and extending effect, which is the key goal of your wardrobe choices. When it comes to lighter shades, you are not just limited to white, but choose the colors carefully. You do not want to create too bold a contrast, or you will break up the line, which will break up the illusion of length. Good choices include creams and light shades of grey.

Fashion Tips for Shorter Men

Color on Top Outfits that draw the eye up are key in creating the illusion of length. One of the easiest ways to do this is wearing darker shades on the bottom and lighter colors on top. Again, remember you want to avoid really harsh contrasts. Some good combinations include navy and red, black with grey or white, olive and mustard, and charcoal and plum.

Shirts Here are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to shirt shopping. When it comes to button-down shirts, untucked can be unflattering for shorter men; if you want to go with this look, the shirt should not fall more than two inches past your hips. Ideally, a shirt will fall just below the waist. If you plan on wearing it under a jacket, the cuff should not be sticking out more than a quarter inch. When pairing a shirt and jacket, the shirt should be a lighter color to give the torso a slimmer appearance. Slim fit shirts are best.

When it comes to T-shirts, V-necks are particularly flattering for your body type as they lengthen the torso. Avoid turtlenecks—they can make you look stumpy. Vertical stripes and detailed, intricate prints work well on shorter men.

Pants Slim-fit tapered pants with a medium or lower-rise cut are best for shorter men as they narrow your frame and give your legs some nice definition. But, don’t go totally low-rise since these pants make your legs look shorter. And don’t forget about darker colors on the bottom to draw the eye up.  Stay away from cuffs and pleats—they shorten the leg and make your hips look wider. In the winter months, corduroys are a good choice. The vertical cords give the same lengthening effect as pin stripes. If you like to wear shorts in the summer, look for pieces that stop just above the knee to keep a proportioned look.

Accessories Choosing accessories wisely can further your streamlining efforts and add some nice pop to your outfits. Avoid bow ties. Opt for narrow ties in block colors or diagonal patterns; go with the ‘’four in hand’’ knot over the Windsor. If you like scarves, go for the slim ones. Go with thin belts in black, brown or tan rather than ones that are colorful or have a bold print. This will chop your body in half and negate the streamlining effect.

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