Fashion Tips and Advice for Ascot Ladies Day

With the new stricter dress code being put in place last year, many people are wondering what effect it will have on the outfits to be seen on Ladies Day. As an annual event that showcases the best of fashion, with a mix of elegance and flamboyance defining the outfits, Ladies Day at the Ascot Races is definitely not a tee-shirt and jeans day! The Gold Cup or Ladies Day Ascot 2013 is a day when everyone attending is expected to show a sense of refinement and class in their fashion choices. No one seems to mind, since this is one of the rare occasions when the British public gets to dress in their very finest and as formal as royalty themselves, which is a very special feeling indeed.

The key to every Ascot outfit is the word ‘formal’ as there is no sense in dressing casually when you may be rubbing shoulders with royalty or celebrities! In fact, the Royal Enclosure and grandstand ticket holders will not be allowed in if they do not follow the dress code and exude elegance in their clothes and headwear! For the silver ring, the rules do not apply, but people still use the occasion to show their pride in their country and the event, so it’s an unwritten rule of sorts to show up well-dressed. Of course, there are limits to even the more lenient code for the area, since near-nudity or obscene outfits are bound to get the wrong kind of attention.

Advice for Ascot Ladies Day

One of the main items that you need to consider is the headwear you choose with your outfit, since the tradition of the races is closely linked with fashionable headgear. After all, the Ascot races are not a run-of-the-mill event where you can just throw on whatever is convenient. It’s a national occasion that reflects the spirit and style of people in the country! Changing Trends for Headgear at Ascot Ladies Day Over the last century, the varieties of hats that are seen at the royal races have undergone a sea change.

No longer restricted to simple styles embellished with a bit of finery, the hats and headpieces of this decade seem to defy the rules of physics at times. Towering creations of lace and feathers, art pieces inspired by everyday objects or fanciful settings, it’s all there! Last year saw a lot of patriotism, with hats and headpieces inspired by the national flag and the colors reflected in the outfit. Some people even chose to immortalize the traditional English breakfast, with fried eggs and bacon created with different materials! The most popular choice is still a combination of silk flowers and feathers, so these are your best bet.

Remember, your headpiece or hat’s diameter should be a minimum of 4 inches if you are in the Royal Enclosure, and fascinators are not permitted there. These are appropriate for the grandstand and you will be handed a fascinator if you don’t have one, so make sure you have either a hat or fascinator when you attend!

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