Best Beauty Essentials for Spring

Spring is finally here!  What a relief!  We can say goodbye to frizzy, damaged hair and dry, chapped skin. It is time to celebrate!  Get your beauty regime ready for spring with these top eight essential products. Starting at the base and working our way out…

Beauty Essentials for Spring

  1. Sunscreen Sure, it will be nice to get rid of that pasty-white, Casper want to-be skin.  But don’t go overboard.  You may think it is difficult to maintain your flawless appearance now, but just wait. Too many damaging sunburns now means tons of premature wrinkles later.  Your older self wants to tell your younger self to slather on the sunscreen.  It is the best anti-aging product you can buy!
  2. Mud Mask for the last several months, your skin has been exposed to vicious and damaging elements.  As a result, your poor face has begun to show the wear and tear.  Give your skin a much needed rejuvenation. A mud mask will transform your winter skin into a silky smooth spring sensation.  There are plenty of products available on the market.  Otherwise, you can make your own mask at home.
  3. Lightweight Facial Moisturizer Once you’ve gotten your skin nice and refreshed, keep it that way.  Invest in a lightweight moisturizer that can be used during the day.  While you’re at it, make sure your cream comes with at least a 15 SPF.  You don’t want a tacky sunglass tan!
  4. Fun Eyeliner It is spring.  Flowers are blooming.  Wardrobes are transforming.  There is a riot of color all around you.  Why not join the fun?  Simple black eyeliners are out.  Fun, funky colors are in.  Pick up an eyeliner in emerald, purple or aqua.  You’ll be glad you did.
  5. Festive Lipstick You’ve spent all winter in a depressed, mundane state.  It is (finally) time to shake things up.  And nothing says, “I’m ready for fun,” like a bright, shocking lipstick.  Hot pink, anyone?
  6. Floral Scent Embrace the fact that you now have a surrounding you would like to blend into.  Grab a floral scent and take advantage of all the season has to offer.  Florals can be tricky, so be careful.  You don’t want anything too sickeningly sweet.
  7. Organizer Now that you have all your fabulous, season-appropriate supplies, you need to keep them safe.  You also need to keep your new spring wardrobe safe from damaging cosmetic spills while you are on the go. Find something that shouts spring – florals or bold, bright patterns.  Get something compact and it can easily fit into your weekend bag.
  8. Beauty Pillow You’ve worked hard to get your appearance ready for spring.  Let’s keep it that way; and not just through the season – indefinitely. Switch your regular pillow for a beauty pillow.  A beauty pillow (sometimes called a wrinkle pillow or acne pillow) is one of the best products for preventative care.  Use one now and you can drastically reduce the chance of wrinkles later in life.  Plus, a beauty pillow can prevent unsightly acne outbreaks.

Get your spring essentials ASAP.  After all, the beautiful weather won’t be around much longer!  Do you have any season favorites we left off the list?  Let us know!

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