All You Need to Know About Sapphire Jeweler

Jeweler sets are loved by every woman especially when they are studded with dazzling precious stones. Apart from diamonds, rubies, emeralds, the sapphire jeweler is also preferred by many women. Sapphires belong to the same family as rubies with the difference of having a beautiful blue color.

This precious gem is used in combination with diamonds while making jeweler and especially rings. The sapphire and diamond rings are very much in demand and considered stylish by most women. These dazzling blue hue stones are available in various colors that range from colorless to black which are caused due to traces of elements such as iron, titanium or chromium. Here we provide you with some tips that will help you while buying antique sapphire rings.

Types of Rings The rings are classified based on the settings or the precious stones that can be used on various occasions. These days’ women like to wear the antique sapphire engagement rings that are studded with diamonds. Let us see the different kinds of rings that are available in the market.

Sapphire Jeweler

Bands People who prefer simple, flat bands can go for this type of ring. These rings are made with a strip of metal that is joined together in a circular form. Solitaire Rings solitaire ring has a large gemstone in the center of the ring. The shape of the gemstone or the shank type defines the way the ring is made.

Eternity Rings These rings are made with gemstones having the same cut and size that are set all around the ring in a row. This type is known as the full eternity ring. A half eternity ring is one that has the stones only on the face of the ring. Cluster Rings When a group of stones are set in the center of the ring in a cluster form then such a ring is known as the cluster ring. These rings have a large center gemstone which is surrounded by the smaller stones.

Three Stone Rings Aptly known to depict past, present and future, these rings are made with three gemstones of which the center one is larger than the other two. These rings are specially made for engagements and weddings. Five Stone Rings These rings are made with five gemstones that are set in a row. These rings may or may not be set with additional diamonds.

Shape of the Gemstone The cut of the gemstone and the setting it uses on the ring decides the shape of the gemstone. The shape and cut of the stones are not the same. Shape defines the physical form of the stone while the cut refers to whether the shape effect has come off the right way. Some types of shapes are round, marquise, pear, trillion, oval, princess, emerald cut, cushion, Escher, heart etc.

Ring Stansbury this setting, a piece of metal is set between the gemstones to hold them securely in place. Bezel metal rim is fitted around the gemstone to hold it in place. If the setting is in a semi-circle form, then it is known as half-bezel setting.

Channeling this, a row of stones is held between two parallel bars that are joined to the metal band. Invisible The gemstones are set in several rows without any metal and it is held securely with metal which is underneath them. Pave This setting has tiny sparkling balls that are set in a pattern to hold the gemstones in place. Prong This setting has a metal claw that clasps the gemstone to hold it securely. It is a widely used setting especially for solitaire rings or princess shape stones. Conclusion The trends for rings change over time so it is necessary to keep track of these changing trends and buy the ring accordingly. We hope that our guidelines help you while buying sapphire jeweler.

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