A Guide to Bridal Fashion

If you’re a woman who is planning on being married in 2013, you are probably getting ready to start shopping for wedding dresses. But before you head out to the local bridal shop to pick up a dress, you may wish to know what types of dresses are in style this year. Here are a few bridal fashion and wedding make up tips you might find helpful.

Floor Length Gowns with a Vintage Vibe Are in While you’re out shopping for wedding dresses, you’ll certainly notice that the trend in gowns this year are those which are floor-length and rather vintage in appearance. When we say vintage, we’re talking about 1950s through 1960s wedding dress styles which feature that era’s very popular pleated dress bottoms, plunging V-necks or halter-tops and fabulous sequin and lace trim. You’ll also see some ankle-length, tea-length and more infrequently, a few shorter gowns which are in vogue among younger brides.

Wedding Make Up Tips You’ll Want to Know You will be photographed frequently on your big day so it’s important for you to look your absolute best and then some! While there are a lot of wedding make up tips out there, we’ll cover the basics and most important tips so that you end up looking incredible. First, be sure to wear a waterproof mascara as it will last long and withstand those tears of joy you’ll surely shed. For eyeliner, go with navy or charcoal and not black or brown as those colors can look rather severe and especially if your wedding is going to be held outside.

Do remember to put some blush on your cheeks as it will make you look radiant while providing you with a quick facelift. If to your horror you discover a pimple on the morning of your wedding, use a high quality concealer to cover it and then remember to keep your hands away from the area. Style your hair so that it reflects the real you and don’t be tempted to go with a hairstyle that will end up looking sloppy by the end of the day.

 Consider spending $50 to $75 at a salon for a great hairstyle as you certainly deserve it plus you’ll look like a million bucks with a professionally styled “do”! If you follow these wedding make up tips and hairstyle hints, you’ll look like an A-lister when walking down the aisle as well as when it’s time to pose for photographs! Match Your Jewelry to Your Dress You might like to pick out some jewelry at the same time you’re out shopping for wedding dresses so you’re sure the trinkets you buy match your dress.

 The most important thing to keep in mind when buying wedding jewelry is not to go overboard. Cubic zirconia drop-earrings are never wrong nor is a diamond or CZ tennis bracelet. However, if you’re not comfortable wearing these items, don’t buy them because you should go with jewelry that best reflects who you are.

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