5 Safe and Proven Ways to a Lighter Skin Tone

Every woman’s dream is to have a satisfying skin look that makes one feel healthy and confident. Since skin is considered to be the largest part of the human body, and the one which should be protected the most, it’s always recommended to choose a skin care method that is safe, at the same time, effective. When looking for ways to lighten the skin, however, one doesn’t need to worry anymore. There are many methods and ways to achieve a lighter skin tone, five of which are all safe and proven.

Bleaching soaps Like many other beauty products, skin bleaching soaps work by inhibiting the melanin production in the skin while exfoliating the top layers to reveal a healthier and lighter skin. Although bleaching soaps and creams tend to produce similar results, the former is the more widely used beauty product than the latter. It’s the simplicity and convenience of using soaps that distinguishes it from lotions or creams. Since all of us naturally take a bath every day to cleanse our body, bleaching soaps are easily used during the course of wash-up without spending another time applying them afterwards. Yet, the person can still expect a lightning and glowing effect, especially when applied during bath daily.

Lighter Skin Tone

Lotions and creams Many beauty products such as lotions, creams and even serums have been dominating the cosmetics industry nowadays.  Such products are also convenient to use like the soaps; that is, if a person is fine with carrying one in his bag.  With the continuous innovation, consumers can expect whitening products to come in handy while being assured of a quality result.

 The active ingredients used also promote skin lightening, skin pigmentation, and skin diseases treatment such as melisma, acne and dark spots. A good thing about skin lightening creams or lotions is that they offer a variety of different products with different active ingredients, which can be used on specific different parts of the body. The creams are also formulated in such a way that the skin will not be irritated while quickly lightening the body.

Derma approved skin-lightening pills Beauty regimen can also include taking in skin lightening pills. These pills are taken orally at designated time imposed by the dermatologists. This type of beauty product is acknowledged to be safe and effective, and usually would contain glutathione. Glutathione is a natural antioxidant produced by the body, with skin lightening as its famous side effect. Just like other active ingredients for beauty products, the process works pretty much the same–suppressing melanin production to reverse skin darkening. Skin lightening pills cause whitening of the skin starting from the dermis to the epidermis. This is why results can’t be visibly shown instantly. However, regular intake will slowly start the desired skin whitening.

Cryosurgery and Laser Treatment Technology has indeed played a great role in advancing skin whitening treatment. Aside from regularly applying bleaching soaps or lotions, or swallow whitening pills, people can also opt to try laser treatment or cryosurgery. Laser treatments works by directing beams of light at the skin and then remove its layer one by one. It is most used to treat wrinkles, acne scars and melisma, and can promote skin whitening in the process.

involves the use of liquid nitrogen. The mechanism involves freezing skin lesions and then removing them, which would destroy skin cells for them to start natural regeneration.

Dietary foods for skin whitening Perhaps the safest way to attain whitened skin is to take in dietary foods that can promote skin whitening. Rather than using beauty products on the market like scrubs, masks and other skincare methods, dermatologists also advise people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

 In getting a natural whiter skin, people are advised to consume foods like strawberry, tomato, carrot, orange, papaya and green tea that are all rich in vitamins, most especially the Vitamin C. Some other fruits can either be taken as food or used as a mask. Also, it is important to remember that water is another main source of natural skin lightening that helps makes the skin look radiant and fair.

Obtaining a lighter skin is indeed very easy to achieve. There are many brands that offer these products with guaranteed skin lightening effects, for example MOs beau. Read the MOs beau review and get started with your beauty regimen!

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